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  • Copywriting

  • Writing/Distributing Media Alerts

  • Writing/Distributing Press Releases

  • Writing/Distributing Press Invites

  • Creating Events

  • Professional Photography

  • VNRs (Video News Releases)

  • Profiles

  • Web & Social Media Design 

  • Advertising consultation

  • Media analysis


The media landscape has dramatically changed in the last few decades. And it is not done changing.

Media companies have smaller editorial staffs, they are overwhelmed with press releases, new openings, invitations, and even free samples. Ideas are submitted constantly thanks to the ease of electronic communications. With hundreds of blogs and websites launching every day, getting your press release to the right person is trickier than ever. Some media companies get thousands of press releases in one single month, some of which never make it into the right hands or are even seen at all.

At Alliance Media & Communications we believe the days of submitting a press release and waiting for a reporter to show up are over. Selling your idea, presenting new angles, creating content solutions, creating long term relationships, doing phone followups, and providing the right kind of material is at the core of our philosophy. And with that approach, we have had tremendous success. We push the bar to new limits so that your press release doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Don't end up on some unseen blog. Invest in your publicity and PR so that it can be seen and go places. We not only make guarantees, we also show you how the process works, and  work closely with you and your team to ensure the best result possible.

To book your free consultation call 646-285-3033 or fill the contact form below.


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