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No two businesses are the same. Your marketing has to fit you. In order to find the right fit, it's important to take into account every aspect of your marketing: what's worked, what hasn't, what's worth trying 

without wasting time and money. Everything boils down to measurable results.

We started AM&C because we have worked on marketing campaigns with some of the biggest companies in the world, in almost every category, and we wanted to bring that expertise to you. We've worked on B2B (business to business), B2C, Arts, Major  and local retail, Entertainment and more. The common thread? Again, a measurable outcome.

If you haven't noticed, this whole site is dedicated to the concept of the 90-Day Marketing Fast-Track ©, a remarkable new approach specifically designed for small to midsize businesses and projects looking for strong results that will help propel their work to the next level.

If your marketing is not where you want it to be, we can transform it, give it a make-over, and put a plan in action that will carry you over for the long-run.

If you are new to marketing but feel overwhelmed with all the options now available to you, we can create a marketing strategy that is powerful, easy to manage, and measurable.

To book your free consultation call 646-285-3033 or fill the contact form below.

Your Marketing has to FIT...
like a tailor-made suit. 
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