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90-Day Fast-Track

There is a giant body of water. You need to get to the other side. Before you can decide on whether to swim it, boat it, walk around it, or build a bridge, you first need to take full inventory of the situation you are in, and the details surrounding your desire (or need) to get across. That's what our 90-day Fast Track is about.   

Our 90-day Fast-Track approach to marketing is like solving the body of water problem.

During the first 2 weeks, we will work closely with your business to fully evaluate what works and what doesn't, and most importantly understanding why. We will develop specific goals, do a full SWOT (Strengths / Weaknesses /Opportunities / Threats) analysis, review internal and external influences, analyze spending options, and very importantly identify your audience, you consumer and potential consumer base. Our goal in these critical two weeks is self discovery without stopping any of the daily marketing and communications function. 

Weeks 3-4, we review our findings and develop the first layer of goals and specific objectives, for the short-term, as well as the long-term. A concise marketing plan is tailored specifically to you and your company, with attention to budget considerations, and your company's specific goals. In this phase we begin to introduce new strategies to your business in order to set up for testing initial results.


Testing and implementation, content creation on the various platforms, and first level training within your company will occur within weeks 5-7, with an emphasis on building the first phase of of a full campaign. Expect even more discovery.


In the final 3-5 weeks of the 90-Day Marketing Fast-Track we review results, and implement the final layer of our strategy, with a full look at executing a long-term marketing plan.   

When you hire us, we put in motion all the experience and resources we've acquired over the years, working with hundreds of clients, to do what needs to be done for your business or project in a manner that guarantees a successful a fraction of the cost. We utilize new media, new technologies, new strategies, and a vast resource of knowledge to build your brand, tell your story, and build your loyal community. Even in a pandemic or recession.

Call 646-285-3033 to learn more.


Everything we do is DRIVEN BY an OUTCOME. Everything.

Learn more below: 

THE 90-DAY FAST TRACK is Perfect for:

  • Small-Midsize Business

  • Small Corporations

  • Medical Practitioners

  • Real Estate

  • Media Companies

  • Producers & Theatre Companies

  • Self-Producing Artists

  • Learning Institutions

  • Writers & Authors

  • Dance Studios & Companies

  • Acting Schools & Coaches

  • Artists & Individuals

  • Projects in Development

  • Long-term Projects

  • Entertainment Services

  • Restructuring


Every client is different and has unique needs. 
When we begin any 90-Day Marketing Fast-Track © project, we do so with the understanding that it must fulfill very specific Goals and Outcomes, and so it will require a tailored approach. 

DAYS 1-30 - Discovery & Planning

Before we begin Day 1-30, we already have a very strong sense of your specific needs. The first 30 days are for discoveries, analysis, understanding your challenges, strengths, weaknesses, limitations, and market conditions. At this stage, we work closely with you and your company to explore possibilities, and suggest some  preliminary recommendations. We get to know who you are, and who your clients think you are. Outcomes and goals are defined. A 1-Page marketing plan template is created.

DAYS 31-60: Strategy & Implementation

By Day 30, we are ready to begin making recommendations on the strategic actions needed to move you towards your outcome. We've discussed all the possibilities, tools needed, potential outcomes, and now have a clearer time-frame of how to put things into motion! This is delivered in writing, with a time-line and about 80% of all the details included. During 30-60 Days, we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our progress on a weekly basis. The creation of these "tools" has begun and they are being implemented and tested.

We are guaranteeing that your 90-Day Fast Track will work better at achieving your outcome than any other marketing strategy out there. So at the end, we evaluate all the results, and if they are not what we promised, we work without charge until we accomplish our end outcome.

DAYS 61-90: Execution & Evaluation

In the final days, Days 61-90, we begin fully implementing all the approved strategies we've discussed. The emphasis during this period is to ensure that everything is up and running at 100% capacity... all the tools we've agreed that are needed (from a new or updated website to social media platforms, or anything else) are launched. Everything we've have done so far is being constantly evaluated and tweaked. A recap of all services provided is presented to the client and further steps may be discussed. At the end of this final cycle, you receive a fully updated report outlining every single outcome to your satisfaction!

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