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At Alliance Media & Communications we've learned that marketing, as we know it, is Dead. So is advertising. So is Publicity and PR, and promotions. If your marketing strategies don't work as well as they used to, there's a reason... Several, actually. We noticed it too. So we went searching for answers and made a few discoveries:

  • Advertising just doesn't work that same as it used to. Not even digital advertising, which is relatively new, works the same as it did a couple of years ago. Consumers don't want to be interrupted, and they don't want to be persuaded. They want you to solve their problems, create a relationship, and establish trust. And that's just one small part of it. Advertising still has a place in the marketing mix, but today it's more about awareness than persuasion. Conversion is a long-term process if you want your clients to keep returning.

  • Publicity and PR cannot be what it once was because social media and digital technology has disempowered the once powerful and exclusive media conglomerates that ruled the landscape and connected you to hundreds of thousands of potential consumers. One influencer on social media can now reach hundreds of thousands or more people with one single post than some media companies could in their heyday! Newspapers are laying off editorial staffers by the hundreds, and the ability for them to give life to your story no longer exists in the same way.

  • Sales techniques that involved pressure conversion tactics have been dwindling for some time. Consumers know when they are being sold and they don't like it. In a time where communicating is possible in a flash, buyer's remorse, comparative shopping, and transparency have changed the game.


When Alliance Media & Communications was launched in 2001, we were hired as media consultants to such major media companies as The NY Daily News, AARP Media, Scripps Media, and Time Out New York. We personally worked closely with these and dozens of other companies on a variety of projects, each with its unique set of objectives and challenges. In fact, over the years, we have worked with major Fortune 500 companies on dozens of campaigns, from training to advertising, to marketing and PR. In 2006, with the launch of, we added entertainment to our services.


Another major discovery in our work is that many business don't set specific goals for their "marketing" efforts, or don't detail those goals in the way that they should. That's what led us to the creation and introduction of

The 90-Day Fast-Track Plan © 


Setting specific goals within a specific time-frame is at the core of any successful planning, and 90-day time-frame always works best.  There are many variations of the 90-day approach, so we created our own. 90-Days is ideal for almost any business or personal endeavor. Big corporations use quarterly (90-Day) goals as a parameter for planning, achieving, and monitoring goals. "Quarterly Planning" always works because it's not too long and not too short. 90-days offers you the ability to adjust and adapt to changes. It's proven to work over and over for just about any project.

It's true that we live in a do-it-yourself world. There are now hundreds of online "marketing" options available, each with their own bells and whistles. Some are free, some involve a small fee, many are even right on your smart phone. It seems simple. Yet many jump in, loosely trying too many things at once, and then find themselves confused, out of focus, and with no real strategy in place. Typically, that's when they call us.  The 90-Day Fast-Track Plan© is great for re-grouping, starting new, learning, and taking your business or endeavor to the next level. 


Our approach is simple. We analyze your business or project, where it's been, where it is NOW, what tools it needs, and where it needs to go. And we do it such a way that it doesn't affect the momentum you've already gathered. In the long run, it saves you money and wasted time. It's MEASURABLE. It doesn't fail. 


I encourage you to enlist us in your journey. Invite us to learn more by reaching out and talking to us about your expectations. You can start with a call at 646-285-3033

Roger Gonzalez, President

The Alliance Media Companies.


If you are a Small to Mid-Size Business looking to up your marketing game. Our 90-DAY FAST-TRACK can work in just about every industry. Let us show you how.  


If you are a Producing Playwright or Theatre Producer looking to take your production to the NEXT LEVEL.   


If you are a Theatre or Production Company with multiple products, productions, or services to offer and want to develop a following.


If you are a learning institution, school, or coach, and are looking to grow your business and acquire new students.


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Our proven approach goes beyond the traditional approach, incorporating everything from Advertising to Web Development, Social Media Marketing, restructuring, and more. We don't market. We create stories, communities, and a new level of human interaction that takes you business or project to a whole new level 
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