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Marketing, as you knew it, is Dead... so is advertising, publicity and pr, and, yes, even sales and promotion. Marketing is more dynamic today than ever.

If your marketing strategies don't work as well as they used to, there's a reason why. There are many reasons, actually. 


We haven't experienced this much change in marketing in years. Effective strategies enjoyed by businesses for decades just don't work anymore. Media and communications are in constant flux. Every day, every week, every month, new platforms come and go, new strategies are tested, and new technologies continue to change the landscape at an astounding pace. So what do you do?

"If your business is not  growing, It's...dying." - Tony Robbins.

Our 90-Day Fast-Track© offers a quick, detailed evaluation of your business's marketing, with specific, tailored solutions, and a comprehensive strategy designed to scale your business like never before.

We know that...

√ Customers want to engage and purchase from real people and companies they can trust.

√ Customers want to engage repeatedly and establish loyal connections. 

√ Customers want to recommend your products & services

√ Media, advertising, marketing, and communications technologies are dynamic, and that change can be quite intimidating to business owners.


The 90-Day Fast-Track© is the secret weapon. Every project, every business, can restructure in 90-Days, or launch in 90-Days. With tremendous success.

It's true that we live in a do-it-yourself world. There are now hundreds of online "marketing" options available, each with their own bells and whistles. But do you really have the time to jump in on your own and start experimenting?


Our approach is simple. We analyze your business or project, where it's been, where it is now, and where it needs to go. Plus, we do it such a way that it doesn't affect the momentum you've already gathered. That's because you will do what you do best, and while we handle the marketing, you run your business. Best of all, with the 90-Day Fast-Track©,  you hire us for 90 days and then have all the tools you'll need to manage it on your own, if that's what you choose. 

Not ready for Fast-Track? Our other services may be what's right for you.

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Roger Gonzalez, President

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90-DAY FAST-TRACK For Business

If you are a Small to Mid-Size Business, Retailer,  Professional Services, or Institution looking to up your marketing game. Our 90-DAY FAST-TRACK can work in just about every industry. Let us show you how.  


If you are a self-producing playwright, theatre producer, theatre company, artist, or entertainment company  looking to take your creative work to a new level.


If you are a learning institution, school, or coach, and are looking to grow your business and acquire new students.


WE CAN help LAUNCH your journeY

Let's begin with a conversation. Better yet, a free consultation.
It all starts with us understanding you and your project, organization or business.
Maybe you are looking for Publicity & PR. Maybe it's Marketing.
We know things are not working like they once did and we know why.
Let's begin by discussing what you are looking to accomplish, your goals, and your challenges. Our revolutionary approach involves MORE than just writing and sending out press releases. It's about the uniqueness of your offering. We will find it, share it, and generate results.
Our proven approach goes beyond the traditional approach, incorporating everything from Advertising to Web Development, Social Media Marketing, restructuring, and more. We don't market. We create stories, communities, and a new level of human interaction that takes you business or project to a whole new level 
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